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  • Brunette Problems

    The argument about the pros and cons of being a blonde goes on and on. But we feel that being a brunette deserves to be talked about as well. So, we have this! A list relative list of the advantages and disadvantages a brunette feels from day to day that would help them realize they’re not alone in this. Are you ready to have some fun my dark-haired fellas?

    Cons of Being a Brunette

    • Having brown hair makes you feel average. And statistics prove it, being second to the most common hair color.

    • Being a brunette ruins your Disney Princess  dream of being Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, two of the most popular of them all. (But you get to be Mulan – independent, tough, intelligent; she almost like the modern woman now)

    • Dandruff problems. It’s hard to deny you have dandruff when you are a brunette. It must have been snowing outside!

    • Dyeing your hair bright colors takes a lot of work. Unlike with blondes, you have to do heavy duty bleaching  first.

    • Dry Shampoo is not the best choice for you. Obviously, dry shampoo, technically white substance, does not look that smoothly and unnoticeable with your dark hair.

    • Hmm… emojis have put you down. Just like when Rapunzel’s hair was cut off and it turned brown, sending a message that brown hair is inferior Pinterest hairstyles. Finding that cute style and wanting to do it, but realizing that it only looks good on blonde hair. makes you wanna cry about the world’s partiality!

    • You have to deal with female moustache. When you are a brunette, your upper lip hair is undeniable. It grows dark and people just keeps on noting about it.

    • Blondes have Marilyn Monroe, Hillary Clinton, Kate Winslet, Madonna (a former brunette).

    Pros of Being a Brunette

    Now, it’s time to talk about the awesomeness that is being a brunette!

    • Brown hair got some class. It might be common, but it is classy.
    • Brunettes make better wives and friends. That’s just the opinion of most people and it’s hard to contradict the majority. *winks*

    • No one can pull off the hot librarian look better than you. Oh well, blondes simply can’t be that innocently attractive.

    • So many blondes converted to brunette. And that says a lot. Surely, having dark hair gets you something that blonde hair does not.
    • A survey proves that brunettes are better wage-earner than blondes or redheads. Brunettes also find it easier to get hired.
    • Brunettes look smart. Brunettes are truly intelligent! A study proved that 75% of the brunette populace are more intelligent.

    • The most beautiful woman is a brunette. And her hair contributes to that!
    • We have more facts to validate the greatness of brunettes. A University in England made an experiment sending off a woman to different night clubs with her hair colored blonde, brunette and red. Obviously, the woman in her brown hair was assessed to be most attractive and intelligent.
    • We have a lot of great women on our side: Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Keira Knightley, Winona Ryder, Alexis Bledel, Natalie Portman, and a lot more!



    This is not to divide the blondes from brunettes. Sometimes it is just nice to loosen up and have some fun (at our own expense). What team are you in?

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