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  • Brush Hair 100 Times a Day – Why this Old Tradition is True

    We have all heard about it when we were kids that we should brush our hair a hundred times a day if we want to grow long, healthy and Rapunzel-like hair. And as innocent as we were, we simply followed. We only started asking questions as we grew older. Why does it have to be specifically 100 times a day? Has anyone have hair like Rapunzel? You don’t think so. Let us rediscover the reasons behind this old hair care tradition. And we can only assure you one thing, you were not led to believe and do something useless at the age 6.

    Benefits of Brushing Hair

    Cleanses – the simple act of brushing is actually enough to cleanse your hair. and it does an even better job than your artificial shampoos. It removes waste materials like uric acid crystal deposits and other impurities from your scalp.

    Stimulates – brushing hair stimulates oil and hormone producing glands and blood capillaries. Thus, it activates breathing and improves circulation blood and transportation of nutrients to the hair.

    Keeps hair looking healthy – a healthy hair is has the right amount of volume, bounce and shine, which can be easily achieved without the artificial products, by brushing your hair enough times daily.

    Keeps hair moisturized – brushing helps distribute natural oils to your scalp to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

    Why 100 times a day?

    It is perfectly clear that brushing hair is really necessary. But do you really have to follow the 100-stroke a day requirement? The answer is NO. But the need to sufficiently brush hair every day holds over. What we can recommend is to brush your hair at least three times a day during the morning, late afternoon and at night before you sleep. Not only would you improve your hair’s condition, but you can easily doze off to sleep.

    How to Properly Brush Hair

    We have been used to brushing our hair anytime, anywhere, sometimes even when we were having conversations and doing chores, not considering if we are doing it right.

    Use the Proper Brush

    Hairbrushes have different designs made for specific functions. When picking a hairbrush, you need to consider your hair type and purpose of use. If you are not quite sure which between a paddle brush, a round brush or any other brush to use, this might be helpful.

    Possess Proper Posture

    Stand upright or if you are sitting, sit upright. And then bend your upper torso downwards as you brush your hair to increase the blood flow to your hair.


    When detangling make sure to do the bottom layers first and then just work your way upward. First do the nape, sides, crown going to your front facial line. After make sure the you do the process in reverse manner, so you can be sure that your ‘natural elixir’ is well-distributed to every strand.

    Tip: brush hair in slow and easy strokes for 3-5 minutes for a stimulating scalp massage.

    Is Brushing for Everyone?

    We all should brush a hair every once in a while no matter what type fo hair you have. However, more brushing is approved for straight or wavy hair. If you have curly or kinky hair, detangling and brushing hair is done relatively less often.


    How do you brush your hair? Share with us your tips that might be helpful!

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