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  • Everything You Need To Know Before Going Red

    If many people chase the blonde dream, you should know that almost equally the same amount wishes to go strawberry blonde and risk the chance of getting picked on with names like ‘ginger nut’ or ‘carrot top’. The thing is, redheads might be the least common hair color, but that’s only because such captivating hue is considered a royal trait. Here are a few more reasons why people want to dye their hair red:

    • Redheads will always standout in a sea of people.
    • They do not fear going grey, because red hair magically turns to white.
    • Everything green looks good on you!
    • Red hair is a thing in the wizarding world.
    • It makes you feel unique.

    Things to Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair Red

    You will not achieve the shade of red you want in one application. Through science it was explained that red contains larger molecules than other colors which makes it more difficult for the color to penetrate into the hair. Red is a really hard color to fake in hair.

    As hard as it was to stain your hair red, as hard as it will be to remove it. if you cannot wait for it to grow out, the healthiest way to lift the color is to add highlights to the hair, because bleaching would be too harsh considering the amount of time you need to soak you hair with the lightening agent to remove it.

    You aren’t only about to change your hair color but your makeup as well. This is a pretty dreadful thing for most women, but you should know this fact before you delve into a major hair color swap. Going red changes your aura, so you need to make some adjustments with your makeup.

    If you are fine with these three, please proceed.

    Know you color inspiration. The key point here is to be able to decide what you want. Although your hairstylist’s opinion may matter, you cannot put the final say in his hands completely. You can bring a picture of the red you want or name famous celebrities if that would make it easier for you.

    Consider your skin tone and eye color. Don’t worry because this does not mean that a certain skin tone or eye color would hinder you from switching colors but rather your choices of shade would be narrowed down. And that would be easier.

    Do not forget about your eyebrows. If you want to make your new hair color seem close to authentic, if not completely, make sure you lighten your eyebrows depending on the shade of red you’ve used.

    Red means high maintenance. When you have artificially colored red hair, you have to be extremely keen with the products you use on your hair because it can do extreme things on your hair. You are lucky if it is on the positive side. Sulphate-free products with oil ingredients are most recommended for red hair.

    How to Maintain the Red

    One of your biggest challenges in going Ginger is fading. Red does not always fade in the most pleasing way, so you better bear in mind this tips.

    • Re-color every four to six weeks. (It would be much cheaper if you’ve used henna since the start.)
    • Do not wash hair every day. Opt for dry shampoo or baby powder to keep your hair feeling fresh.
    • The sun lightens red hair, so do not expose your hair to it too much.
    • Do not forget about using thermal protectant when applying heat to your hair.


    They say having red hair is both a blessing and a curse. But people say the exact same thing about being blonde or brunette. At the end of the day, it is still up to how you live with it. do you love red hair as much as we do? Share your opinions with us!

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