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  • Top 4 Office Chic Hairstyles of 2014

    We are all aware that dressing up for work is an entirely different thing from getting ready for a day out. You don’t just want to dress to impress, but you want to be known for something. and it is frustrating considering the insufficient  amount of time you have in the mornings. The same principle applies when fixing our hair. You want an office-appropriate look that would not only make you the woman to be taken seriously but also a hairstyle that would not get in the way of your work. We have gathered several quick and easy hairstyles that would instantly show off your amazing personality.

    Pretty Messy Knot

    We found this truly charming way to gather up your unruly curls. We quote, “messy-on-purpose.”

    Do it yourself in 6 easy steps!

    1. Gather all of your curly mane and then twist it up to form a messy knotted bun.
    2. Pull the strands of hair into a shape you think is flattering.
    3. Then pin random hairs with Bobby pins to make it look more unintentional.
    4. Loosen a few of your baby hairs to frame the face and to soften the look.
    5. Just keep pinning until you achieved your desired silhouette.
    6. Lock the look with some hairspray.

    Pinned Pixie

    Your options might be limited but having short hair does not exempt you from a bad hair day. easily tame the stubborn strands with a decent pin. Look confident, always-on-the-go and definitely office-appropriate with this look!

    1. Make a deep side part.
    2. Blow dry hair towards the direction of the hair.
    3. Pin a barette or clip of your choice and then mist some hairspray to hold.

    Sock Bun

    If you are wondering why some girls’ hair buns are bigger, it is not because they have extremely long hair. The secret here is within the name actually. ;) Trust me, this one is very stylish at the office. Although his requires more time and expertise than the rest of the hairstyles on this list.

    Prepare the sock

    You can use foam as alternative for this one. But if you want to go frugal, an old sock would do. Start by cutting the toe. Now roll the sock to form a donut shape.

    1. Add some texture to your hair.
    2. If you prefer to do this with bangs, you may or if you want to add slight volume to your crown similar to the photo above.
    3. Gather hair in a high ponytail.
    4. Place the foam or sock on the base of the ponytail.
    5. Spread the ponytail over the sock or foam and then secure with a thin elastic band, creating the shape of a donut.
    6. Braid or twist the ends of the ponytail and then wind it around the bun.
    7. Secure with bobby pins, lock with hairspray and you are done!

    Inside-Out Ponytail          

    The classic ponytail can also be your go-to hairstyle at work without making you look like you are going outdoors or looking, sometimes, boring. Add a little twist to it give it a more corporate vibe.

    How to do it? Simply create a low ponytail just as you normally would. And then the fun part that does the trick here is to just invert it. It is not as complicated as it seems if you would give it a try!


    There you have it! And don’t worry because even if it is almost the end of 2014, these hairstyles will surely look as chic and office-appropriate on 2015! What’s your favorite office hairstyle?

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