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  • Hairstyle Guide for Diamond Face

    First things first, how do you know you have what we call a diamond face? A face with narrow hairline that widens along the cheekbones, and has a pointed chin. If these correspond to your facial features, then you are in for this hairstyle guide. You may also need to know (and be flattered about) is that this shape of face is rare and styling can be complicated.


    Getting bangs is a very tricky choice. We have all experienced it ending up horribly wrong at least once in our lives. The secret here is to know what your face shape is. It does limit your options; however, it gives you more control of the result. But if you notice most celebrities with diamond face tend to wear their hair off their face. Because too much hair around the face can make it look too small. When you have diamond face what you want is to shorten your face’s appearance. Styles to avoid: graphic bangs, rounded bangs, straight-across bangs, wispy bangs. Recommended styles: blunt bangs, side swept bangs, baby bangs, bardot bangs, faux-hawk bangs.

    Deep Side Part

    The narrow hairline of a diamond face can be a big concern here as the hair would tend to fall, but this look is absolutely beautiful when done right. With the proper styling and products to use, this should be easy. Part hair diagonally to keep the weight balanced, and make sure you blow dry your hair directionally and then apply mousse afterwards to secure the strands in place.


    This is positively the best face shape for layered cuts. It keeps hair off the face, but hides the wide points (cheekbones) of your hair as well. Even if the hair falls on your face, since this are the shorter layers, your face will still look narrower than as it is. It will work both on curly or sleek straight hair. If you need hair inspiration for this, you better check out Ashley Greene.


    This easy and all-time hairstyle would always work for a diamond face as it is always a good thing for such facial shape when hair is pulled back. You can do any type of ponytail – high, low, loose, tight, inside-out, braided, any style you want!

    As it is

    Whether you simply woke up without any desire to style your hair or you do not have time for it, letting your hair down would still be a good look for your diamond face. You just need to do one effortless thing -- tuck your hair behind your ears! Your cheekbones might be the widest feature of your face but it is also one of your main assets and you definitely need to show it off!

    What to Avoid

    Better that you also know the styling techniques to stray away from.

    Volume. Avoid too much volume at the crown and the side of your face.

    Short. Keep away from anything short, short bangs, short cuts, etc. But if you would really want to go short, set off for the extremes like a pixie cut.

    Center part. This is especially important to not if you have straight hair. Do this and you just elongate the look of your face.


    There you have it. So, keep sparkling like the diamond that you are!

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