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  • More Reasons to Love Dry Shampoo

    We can never understand how some women can live without dry shampoo, in their drawers at the very least, most especially after knowing these surprising uses of dry shampoo. We have known that this product absorbs oil from our scalp and turns our hair feeling fresh, particularly on your second (third) hair day. But you would be thrilled to learn new ways to apply it, and not just on your hair!

    It adds hold to your hair. The good thing about dry shampoo is it keeps the hair still touchable and soft unlike when you use a hairspray. You would not be afraid of ruining your ‘do when you run your fingers through your hair by natural impulse.

    It boosts volume. Spray or powder dry shampoo is effective in adding volume to limp hair. Make sure you focus n your roots during application. You can also blow dry hair first and then flip hair upside down before applying the dry shampoo.

    It hides roots. When you are on your growing out phase, your biggest trouble would be the hiding your roots. You can use it to disguise your roots because thank goodness it already comes in different colors. It is better to use the powdery type than the starchy kind for this purpose though.

    It keeps your bangs off your forehead. You had a long day and your forehead is oily, attracting your bangs and gluing them in the most unpleasant look. To avoid this, you do not need to spray dry shampoo all over your bangs, just make sure you have the underneath covered.

    It keeps curls from being intact. It does not matter if you have loose waves, tight curls or spiral curls. The thing is, if you are not straight you struggle to keep your curls from clumping together. The good news is that dry shampoo offers a convenient solution. Whether you curl your hair or your mane is a natural, spraying on a starch-based dry shampoo would do the trick. It does not only preserve a fresh feeling on your scalp but it also coats your hair and give it a matted effect, keeping your curls from sticking in one piece.

    It can tame your brows. This is a little risky since the eyebrows are near your eyes. Some keep their eyebrows in shape with a hairspray. It holds the brows in a flattering form, however it turns them crunchy. With dry shampoo, you get to tame your brows without the crisp effect.

    It keeps bobby pins from slipping out of your hair. Blessed as you are with soft and shiny hair, but life is not perfect. And that is emphasized when you are fixing your hair and the bobby pins keep slipping out of your hair. Spray in some dry shampoo to add grip to those metal accessories.

    It fixes smelly shoes. Dry shampoo can do the same thing on your shoes as with your scalp. Mist or sprinkle a little on your exhausted shoes and they would smell fresh in an instant. There is no need to be conscious about its embarrassing odor anymore.


    So, next time you think twice in buying dry shampoo, don’t! You can use it in so many ways than you can think of.


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