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  • Hairstyle Tips to Make Long Face Seem Shorter

    Balance. If you have a long face is the most important element to get the most flattering hairstyle. The perfect cut should add width to your face. But one of the good things about having an oval face is that almost every hairstyle fits right in, especially layers. However, one of the biggest troubles in having a long face is that the wrong hairdo can own up to its name being long. But like other things, there are ways to work that out.

    How to Make Your Long Face Seem Shorter

    Add Waves

    Straight hair only highlights the impression of a long face. To balance out your features, befriend the waves and wear it! if there is any place you need to volume, it is the sides of your face.


    Adding bangs can be a good way to reduce the length of the face as it covers up the forehead, which takes up a large portion of your face. However, avoid having your bangs too long to the point that it is hiding your eyes. When you have an oval face, go for a thick one and style it blunt and straight-across, short and layered, full with choppy ends, curtain, or textured baby bangs. Styles to avoid: blunt baby bangs, curly bangs, rounded bangs and thin bangs.


    If you are doing an updo, make sure you do not forget to leave a few strands of your hair to frame your face. The truth is an oval face does not look its best when you have all your hair pulled backward. Not only will this trick add the needed width to your face, but it can also help soften your look.

    Perfect Length

    The ideal length for a long face is shoulder length, which makes a perfect excuse to try on this year’s definitive trend, the lob. However, going shorter is still a good option for an oval face. Just make sure you get the right pixie for your face shape. See this guide!


    Layering hair adds width to the sides of your face. However, the tricky part is the length. Although shorter hair is more ideal on a long face, such rule does not apply when you are doing layers. Short layers plus oval face equal longer face. Always go for long layers for this face shape.


    Isn’t that just wonderful to read! We quote from Daily Makeover, “Your eye tends to go wherever [color] starts and ends,” Howse says. Since your eye is drawn to darkness, “having lighter ends helps draw the eye up.”


    Underplay the proportions of a long face by making a side-part. Jennifer Aniston obviously has a long face and she carries it really well, especially when she is wearing a side-part, much more a deep side-part.

    Volume on Top is a No-No!

    Unfortunately, no pompadour or backcombed bangs for an oval face. Obviously, the least thing you need to create the perfect look is another piece to add length to your face. Keep things flat on top is the rule of the thumb.


    It seems like a lot work, but many girls wish to have been born with an oval face. It has its perks, you know that! ;) What is your favorite hairstyle for long face?

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