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  • How Should You Style Your Hair when You Reached 50?

    To be honest, I do not see a lot of women in their 50s, celebrities aside, who have really aged gracefully. That’s why I cannot help but admire when I see one who radiates confidence and style. It is not more about the clothes or her makeup, but her hair that makes her still admirable despite her age. What are chic yet age-appropriate hairstyles for a 50-year old woman? it is not enough that it is decent, it should reflect her wisdom and gained experiences in life.

    Beach Waves

    You might be thinking, ‘seriously?’ On a positive note, yes. I know we are used to seeing this hairstyle on boho fashionistas like Sienna Miller, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus (before she became the wrecking-ball-miley) which makes us not want to believe the thought of a woman in her 50s wearing a beach wavy crown. How about Madonna? Now you are thinking it over again, right? but the thing with this style is that not everyone can pull it off, but it can definitely sets you apart among your age group.

    Chin-length Bob

    Although the bob haircut is in-style in the older women demographic, you would not see much of a sleek chin-length bob. I think it is like the blunt bob of their generation. It is undoubtedly stylish yet so few have dared to try. It is a simple hairstyle that brings out a woman’s sense of sophistication. Did we not all fell for Jodie Foster when she started wearing this ‘do?

    Long Waves

    Obviously, when it comes to appearance there is really no age disadvantage. A woman in her 50s can look as stunning in long or short hairstyle as a woman in her 20s. And on that note, long loose waves hairdo is definitely a good style to try even if society is telling you that it is only for the young ones. Do not let it interfere with your style. Look at Sandra Bullock, who you would not believe was already 50! She has worn long waves so many times (and in major events!) that should be enough to set aside your hesitations.


    Nowadays, you would see many older women wearing a bob because it saves them the hassle of fixing their hair. And it is just the mother type of hairstyle based on observations. However, although the short hair interest, it is seldom that you would spot one with a pixie. This short hairstyle easily reveals genuine confidence only earned with time. This particularly works best for an older woman with an oval face. My favorite models here would be the Ellen DeGeneres and Carol from the The Walking Dead.

    Short Curly Hair

    Still on the short side, curls are really flattering and make an older woman look adorable and decent. It brings out a bubbly personality that people cannot help but love. Whether it is a curly bob, whipped-up curls, swept-back curls or copper curls. I am certain you would agree the First Lady has proven this to be true.


    This clearly proves that age is never an issue. All these hairstyles are the same ones you would find in a list of hairstyles for a woman in her 20s. at the end of the day, it all boils down on how you would carry yourself. Agree? ;)

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