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  • Hair Survival Tips for the Winter


    The temperature is starting to hit really low again and that can only mean another adjustment for our hair. As much as we love the snow and everything about the Holiday season, we do not want our hair to suffer. As you need to change to winter tires, so should you winterize your hair care too! And we are helping you transition smoothly through this!

    Dealing with Hat Hair

    Knitted hats bring about flyaways, frizz and static, but you have no choice but to wear them. In order to keep your hair smooth and silky under a hat, apply an anti-frizz serum before you put it on.

    Do not Leave Your Diet Behind

    Nothing beats eating the right food with sufficient amount in nourishing the hair. Pack your meals with fresh veggies and healthy fats. And the best thing about this is that eating healthily this winter season does not benefit your hair solely but your whole being in general!

    The Egg Trick

    Eggs can help you preserve your hair’s natural shine during the cold months and it is a very cheap solution.

    What you’ll need:

    • 2 eggs
    • Olive oil

    How to

    1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl.
    2. Apply to hair and let it sit for two minutes.
    3. Rinse with water, but make sure you do not use hot or warm water no matter how challenging not to unless you want to cook eggs in your hair. ;)
    4. Then shampoo afterwards to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

    Keeping the Moisture

    One of your biggest challenges during the cold months is keeping your hair moisturized. In order to supply the hair enough essential oil you might need to comb nourishing oil treatment through your hair everyday to keep it shiny and healthy. Some are already concocted with ceramides which protects hair from damage caused by the temperature swings.

    Lifeless Hair

    One problem leads to another. So, if you are not able to handle the dryness dilemma, sooner or later you would be facing another issue concerning your hair, which is dull and lifeless hair. Make sure you treat your hair with a hydrating mask more often as you normally do during the other seasons of the year.

    No Wash Rule

    Who would not willingly submit to this? Haha! But kidding aside, since lower temperature tends to sip off the natural oil from our hair, not washing your hair everyday can help preserve as much moisture. And that is a very legit reason not to wash your hair everyday.

    Use Winter Accessories Reasonably

    Since we cannot avoid wearing a scarf or a hat over our head during winter, we only remind you to use it in a way least damaging to you hair. do not wear any head accessory too tight so as to allow the hair to breath. And one big no-no when wearing a winter hat is to NEVER NEVER put it on right after you blowdry!

    Before we leave you to deal with the winter blahs, here is a video from the Weather Network giving tips on to keep your hair healthy this winter season.


    Have you winterized your hair care yet?

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