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  • Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas: Everything Hair

    With only a few days before Christmas, everyone is all busy scrambling on malls to find the perfect gift for a friend or a family member or loved one. We all enjoy this time of the year, but buying a thoughtful gift can get a tad frustrating! But here is one easy solution to possibly downsize your Christmas shopping hassle in half. Try giving your female pals something hair-related. You know for a fact how almost every woman is particular with their mane, right? These gift ideas would surely get through your female friend or family’s heart. ;)

    Hair Tool Organizer

    Receiving a rack specially made for your hair tools is amazing! You can also DIY this present if you cannot find one that would suit the recipient’s personality. And another perk of this gift idea is that, you can extend this even to your favorite hairdresser! And this does not have to be so complicated. As long as you have a space for the basics – hair dryer and flat iron.

    Hair Comb

    Whether you prefer to give out handmade or store bought hair combs, it would surely be of use. All you need is the enough knowledge of a person’s fashion and design taste and you are close to buying the perfect hair comb for your female friend or family!

    DIY Twisted Headbands

    Perfect for your teenage nieces or goddaughters! And you must admit they are one of the hardest to please when it comes to giving presents. And you can just imagine how much you can save by making these cute hair accessories!

    One of These Tees

    A tshirt with a cool print can never go wrong. Pick one of this for your natural haired girlfriend and she is probably gonna save your gift to wear on special trips. Thank me later!

    Right Hair Products

    This is a little tricky so you better do your research if you this is your bet gift idea. Everyone has different hair needs and hair conditions which are very important to consider when buying hair products. To be safe, buy her a new bottle of a brand she’s already been using.

    This Coaster Set

    Found this coaster set on Etsy by ChristoffDavis. These tasteful handmade pieces celebrate the beauty and spirit of all women, which earned its place in being a perfect gift for every woman.

    DIY Pretty Bobby Pins

    Short hair, long hair, every girl needs bobby pins to tuck stubborn strands in the most subtle way. But sometimes we use as a hair accessory itself. Graphic bobby pins are cool, but it is always nicer if you have an option. Like this set of DIY pretty bobby pins!

    This Fab Tote Bag

    Isn’t this the most chic hair-related gift you can ever give a friend this Holiday season? Shop for more designs here at PardonMyFroShop! You can also stuff it in with a few things if you want it to be more thoughtful. ;)

    Personalized Hairbrush

    If you are looking for really crafty pieces to give as present, you should know that Etsy is the place to go. Like these personalized brushes. Who wouldn’t want one a styling tool customized for you!


    Make sure you pick the right gift with your last minute shopping. Do you find any of these helpful? :)

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