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  • What Hair Accessories to Wear on Christmas Eve?

    First thing that probably comes on your mind is anything red, green or gold. Well, that is somehow right. You can also add in to the list bejeweled and glittery accessories. But the number one concern with wearing a themed accessory is that it tends to make us seem childish. The thing is it really can, especially with Christmas as a motif. Thus, you need to make use of your full adult discretion on this matter. Kidding aside, we have listed some accessories you can definitely try wearing this Christmas Eve without ever worrying to look unfashionable and tasteless.

    Hair Bows

    First on our list are hair bows. As a matter of fact, these can be worn all throughout the year. It can give off both a casual look or a holiday feel, depending on what the situation asks for. If you are looking for something to put on your hair that is not screaming Christmas loudly, this one would get the job done.

    But maybe not this one. Try something like this felt hair bow

    or the third bow here.

    Gold Hair Cone

    It is the perfect way to spruce up a ponytail this holiday. You can wear either with a low or a high ponytail, maybe even with a side ponytail. If you want to go simply with an impact, this would be great!

    Cranberry Headband

    This is actually a wedding tiara, but I am seeing Christmas in it. So, here it is on our list. Perfect to add that special holiday vibe to a simple dress. You would not look out of place even if you do not want to too showy about your accessories. You can find it here.

    Constellation Wreath

    Another Etsy find! As described it is beautiful and playful and I can only agree. And the thing is, even a 20 something woman would not feel awkward wearing this on Christmas.

    This Dolce and Gabbana Bejeweled Headband

    One look at it and you know it is Christmas, from the color to its sparkly material.  However, it is still sophisticated enough not to make you look too flashy for your Christmas event.

    Holiday Headband by Chelsea

    Believe it or not, this is DIY-ed. And doesn’t it relive Christmas spirit like no other headbands before. This only shows that you do not have to wear all colors of Christmas to get the holiday feel. This is really a musy-try!

    Snowflake Hairpin

    If you are looking for a stylishly effortless way to create a Holiday hairstyle, this snowflake hairpin is the answer. This is handmade and crafted together from rhinestone, crystal, hair comb and other pretty stuff. You can find this one on Etsy!

    Star Hair Pins

    Pretty, isn’t it? if you want to know how make your own star hair pins, check out Hello Whimsy! Personally, this is something that I would want to wear. It is too uniquely cute for its own good.

    Christmas Fascinator

    Yeah, about a red fascinator for Christmas? Not the least obvious accessory to join in the holiday spirit, but who cares? It is Christmas! And this black and red mini hat with a crystal brooch might b perfect to go with your holiday outfit. I’m really loving Etsy for such pretty finds.


    Have you already planned what to wear on the night of Christmas? ;)

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