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  • Best Hair Infographics of All Time

    a good infographic is worth a thousand words’

    Infographics are all over, and they cover almost everything from technology to what food to eat to sleep faster, even about hair care, hair history, different hairstyles and a lot more! Now, to make things easier for you, we have gathered up some of the best, cutest, most informative infographics of all time. ;)

    First off, the 50 Insane Facts about Hair infographic. It is a collection of facts about human hair that would make you go ‘what the heck!’ or ‘seriously?!’.

    Points that we have not heard of until this:

    • Human hair can be used to make an additive that is found in foods such as the dough for pizza crusts and bagels.
    • One hour and 53 minutes – average weekly time girls spend washing, blow drying and styling their hair. By the age of 65, they will have spent more than seven months of their lives on their hair.
    • During the Victorian era, jewelry and lockets were made from the hair of deceased loved ones.

    Food for Hair Growth Infographic

    This has given enlightenment to many who struggle to increase their hair growth. Teaching about which vitamins, minerals and proteins can help hair grow faster and in which food you can get sufficient amount of it.

    And of course, getting more specific information for hair growth is the Curly Hair Growth Chart infographic. If straight-haired girls complain about slow hair growth, just imagine how harder it is for our curly-haired pals, when your hair is made to go in loops. Understanding is the key to carry it with grace, and this infographic certainly helps!

    What’s Your Ideal Highlight Hue

    This infographic is obviously so helpful, especially at a time when people who color their hair have relatively increased up to ten times as 5 decades ago. Quoting 50 Insane Facts about Hair, “In 1950, about 7% of American dyed their hair. Today, 75% of American woman dye their hair.” And that is only in America. It is definitely an advantage to know what your ideal highlight hue is, particularly if you are aiming for a natural-looking hair color.

    Hair Brush Guide

    The Everything You Need to Know About Hair Brush infographic is the easiest way to educating yourself about proper styling. Using each brush for the right purpose can go a long way.

    A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music

    This infographic clearly shows that you do not always need words to explain, prove or present a point. You can probably tell what this is  about at first glance, even without scrolling down to the title. ;)

    The History of Braid

    Braids, braids, braids! This era loves braiding and it interests everyone to know where this way of styling hair originated, even see how much it has evolved through time. And it is not surprising to know that it was done differently in different places, emphasizing its cultural significance in history.

    And to cap off our list, we have the DIY Hair Conditioning Treatments infographic. There are so many of this as a matter of fact, if you want something more specific, you can just Google about it or look for it on Pinterest. *winks*


    What’s your favorite hair infographic to date? :D

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