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  • How Caffeine Affects Your Hair?

    Can’t you survive a day without a cup of coffee in the morning? And then a cup or two more in the afternoon? Too much caffeine might have negative effects on our body, but there is one good thing that is for sure you would get from it, its hair grow boosting effect. A study was made 2007 testing female and male’s scalps reaction on caffeine. And the former was said to react more positively.

    • A study published in the "International Journal of Dermatology" in 2007 found that the presence of caffeine stimulated laboratory-cultured hair follicles, increasing hair growth. As a result, caffeine might help to restore hair growth, or prevent abnormal hair loss. However, the clinical effects of caffeine on promoting hair growth have not yet been thoroughly investigated.
    • A study published in the "Journal of Radiological Protection" in 2002 found that treating laboratory mice with caffeine helped reduce hair loss following radiation treatment. Although further research into the effect of caffeine on radiation therapy-induced hair loss in humans requires further investigation, caffeine might eventually help prevent hair loss due to some cancer therapies.

    However, it is said that an amount of 50 to 60 cups a day is necessary to get the desired effect. I know that’s pretty scary to think about. Therefore, it is preferable to use hair products induced with caffeine instead.

    To tackle the debate as to whether caffeine really works to stop hair loss, here is a video that would help clear some misconceptions about this treatment.

    Question: What is the science behind this theory? What effect caffeine has on hair and scalp?

    Answer: Shampoos very rarely stay in contact with the scalp for any length of time so any active ingredient has to be on contact with the skin for usually minute to have nay effect. The question is whether caffeine has an ingredient, has anything other than normal cleaning properties. There is some research…

    … there is a rationale that you might be able to get chemicals to absorb through hair follicles, however in genetic hair loss, the bit that’s being influenced is right down below the bottom of the hair follicle, so anything applied to the surface should get right down to it and has to stay there. It isn’t just about the case of breaking through the skin and being absorbed into blood vessels because that would just transport the caffeine away. It has to sit around that area in probably days and this has to be a continuous thing…

    …there were sides that caffeine can stimulate hair growth in a dish. There were sides that show caffeine can penetrate to the scalp and through hair follicles. What we don’t know is whether caffeine can get around and stay and exert the beneficial effect that would cause hair to grow longer and thicker. I certainly would not recommend buying it thinking hair would go back like ten years and have a full hair.


    Hope this made things a little clearer for you!

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