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  • How to Make a Blowout Last for Days

    I know many of you would agree that the best part of getting a haircut is the blowout that comes with it after. And how we all wish it would last forever! That is why we made it our mission today to find ways on how to keep the salon blowout magic last at least a few days. So, after a bunch of research and research and research, we bring you six ways on how to prolong a blowout. Prepare for some of them might be weird!

    Change your pillowcases

    And we mean really change. If you are not using pure satin or silk pillowcases, we recommend that you switch into them. The truth is it is not only good for curly hair but for hair, in general. Such material is better than any standard cotton in making hair smooth and lessening friction. It helps you feel more relaxed during sleep, which keeps you from tossing and turning.

    How to sleep with it properly

    When you just got a blowout, the thing you dread the most is the day ending. You would want to sleep standing up if you only could. But you do not have to worry about it anymore. You have two options: to sleep with your hair down or to put hair into a loose, high bun with a scrunchy. Either of the two combined with the relaxing power of a satin or silk pillowcase can surely get your blowout through the night.

    Make sure your bedroom is cool

    If you have to more your electric fan next to your bed, do so. Night sweat can work its way to ruin your blowout during sleep. Moisture is your biggest enemy here. So, even when you are inactive you have to do something about it.

    You do not need to avoid a shower

    Nevertheless, you have a few precautions to make, like using a shower cap extensively. To make sure no amount water can seep through, it is suggested to tie a handkerchief around the hairline first before putting on the shower cap or you may also try wrapping large sections of your hair with Velcro curlers underneath the shower cap. Either way what’s more important is you do not skip shower and you get to maintain your gorgeous blowout! Tip: Keep a showercap handy wherever you go, in case of rain, like this.

    A Botox?

    As we have mentioned earlier, keeping moisture is your biggest challenge. And Botox might be the solution. Unlike the typical notion of the treatment used in concealing signs of aging, Botox can also be injected into the scalp to prevent sweating, thus keeping your blowout for as long as possible.

    Keep it fresh

    First and second day might not be much of a problem, but come third day and several portions of the hair would start looking limp and feeling greasy. For this issue, you may use a shine spray and dry shampoo. Changing hairstyles once in a while can help keep your hair looking fresh, healthy and bouncy.


    There you have it! May you enjoy a nice blowout for as long as you can! Look great, feel great! :)

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