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  • 4 Effective Ways to Improve Hair Texture (No Matter What Hair Type!)

    Humans were created and were divided into different categories: the fine and straight, the wavy, the curly, and the kinky and coily. Of course, we are talking about hair here. But kidding aside, no matter type of hair you were given, you should feel blessed about it. We have discussed it before after all that different hair types, pretty much like different hair colors, have their own sets of pros and cons. Once you have stopped wishing you have somebody else’s hair, the desire to improve instead of changing what you have will come easily. Here we are going to share with you several tips on how you can improve your hair texture without breaking the bank. But you should work on your persistence though. ;)

    Deep condition hair

    Do this at least once a week depending on your hair type. If you are worrying that you might have the budget to do this continuously, well you can make your own using ingredients that are probably readily available in your kitchen. Here’s one recipe from Naturally Curly you might want to give a try! 


      • EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 1/4 cup


      1. COMBINE the olive oil and the conditioner in a bowl
      2. MIX
      3. APPLY to your hair in sections
      4. LEAVE in at least 15 minutes
      5. DETANGLE your hair with a wide tooth comb, and rinse

    Oil massage

    What comforting news this is! We all love the relaxing effect of a massage every once in a while. And if you are serious about getting better hair, you have to get a head to toe massage of your favorite essential oil once a week. Would that even be a problem? You can use coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil or whatever you like.

    Re-evaluate your diet

    We do not want to sound like a broken record, but this is really a major factor in improving your hair’s condition. Besides, eating a healthy diet is a double whammy. The rest of your body benefits alongside your hair. Do not forget your water!

    These are Good for Your Hair (These are good for you!):

    Banana, beans, beef, blueberry, broccoli, fish, carrot, citrus fruits, cow’s milk, dry fruits, egg, garlic, greek yogurt, green pepper, green vegetables, kidney beans, lentil, lettuce, milk, nuts, onion, orange, oyster, papaya, poultry, salmon, shrimp, soya bean, spinach, sprouts, sweet potatoes, walnuts, and a lot more! See? You do not have to sacrifice taste for nutrition.

    Wash hair only as needed

    Again, there is no need for you to wash your daily. Consider your hair and scalp condition before following the norm. If you have straight hair, it MIGHT be fine, but if you have curly, especially kinky hair, shampoo and wash hair a little less often.


    If you’ve noticed, there’s nothing new here. But what we hope you would see is that it’s really all about proper care and habits. Be diligent with it and you would experience the best of your God-given hair in no time!

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