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  • Safe Hair Treatments for Pregnant Women

    Pregnancy as a milestone in every woman’s life should be experienced and remembered in a positive way. Oftentimes, we see pregnant women who have looked older during the conceiving months and even after delivery. And the most common reason is the fear of trying things lest it might affect the baby in her womb, especially involving hair which we know uses chemicals. What really are the safe hair treatments for a pregnant woman?

    First things first are safety measures that should be done before undergoing any hair treatments.

    • Do a patch test. If you used to take this for granted, this time you should do it to avoid unexpected allergic reactions. Our skin and hair tend to react differently during pregnancy. And safety should always come first.
    • Do not attempt to bleach or dye your eyebrows and eyelashes. It simply can wait.
    • Leave the chemicals on your hair shorter than indicated. If it is instructed to allow the mixture to sit on hair for 45 minutes, reduce the time to 30 minutes or so.
    • To lessen any possible harm, it is recommended to wait until your second semester.
    • And the usual precautions, wear gloves during the application (if you DIY) and wash off the chemicals from your hair completely.

    On Hair Color

    Contrary to common belief, it is actually fine for pregnant women to undergo hair color process. First, chemicals used in permanent and semi-permanent dyes are not highly toxic. We only get that notion because of its strong scent. And second, when we color our hair, very small amount of the dye is absorbed by the scalp. And such quantity is not enough to reach the fetus or even affect the bloodstream during breastfeeding months

    If you are still thinking twice you can also opt for highlights instead of full hair color. Second option would be to use henna or other pure vegetable dyes.

    “A 2008 Canadian paper reviewed the safety of the use of hair products {hair dyes} during pregnancy and concluded that hair products are unlikely to cause adverse fetal effects after exposure to three to four hair treatments during pregnancy”

    Brophy et Al,. Clinical Drug Therapy for Canadian Practice

    On Hair Straightening

    This treatment may or may not affect the baby in a harmful way. It depends on the type of chemical hair straightening you are going to use.


    What we consider safe hair straightening procedures are the standard ones, namely Lye, No-lye and Thio. However, according to our source this only proved that such treatments did not increase the risk of premature birth and underweight baby. The aspect of birth effects were not mentioned.


    Unfortunately, Brazilian or Keratin hair treatments should crossed out the list. You might love its effect on your hair but you would not feel the same on what it can do to you during pregnancy and to the little one inside of you.


    All the same, if you are not comfortable in trying hair treatments, you can always talk to your doctor about. And no matter what, make sure you give yourself at least a haircut. ;)


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