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  • 4 New Ways To Wear Party Hair

    So what if it’s the middle of the week? Bar-hopping during workdays is a culture now. And it is okay to have fun. There is no need to mix this pleasure with guilt as long as you can handle yourself during night outs and the day after. One of the challenges in picking a party hairstyle is to anticipate how long it will hold. It gets annoying sometimes when you have to go back and forth to the restroom and retouch and fix it. It just does not help the momentum. Ever. So, here are our top picks for party hairstyles to make sure you still look fabulous even if you are wasted. ;)

    Glam Party Pony by Where’s My Knickers 

    What you’ll need:

    • 22” Pony/Fall Extension by Daisy Fuentes WOW™
    • Bobby pins (4-6)
    • Hairspray
    • Brush/Comb
    • Curling iron
    1. Start by curling your hair to match the texture of the ponytail extension this particular piece comes curled. (By the way – if you wish to wear this ponytail straight, you can straighten it with your favorite flat iron because it is made with heat-friendly synthetic hair.)
    2. Section your hair from ear to ear and place it into a small bun or ponytail. Clip the top section out of the way for Step 4.
    3. Place the base of your drawstring pony over your bun or ponytail and pull the elastic band to tightly secure. Open the small clip located on the top, comb it over your hair, and then snap it closed.
    4. Unclip the top section from Step 2 and taking the tip of your teasing brush or comb, prep a small section to tease.
    5. Start at the crown and pull up a 1-2 inch section – the smaller the section the more volume you will create. Brush the hair back mid-way and run the brush down the length of the hair towards the crown, when you reach the scalp pull the brush out and start again. Make quick short strokes until you have the desired height and fullness. (Tip: the bigger the hair the closer to god.)
    6. Every time you backcomb spray a little bit of hairspray so that it holds the hair longer.
    7. Carefully use your brush to smooth down any fly-a-ways.
    8. Wrap smaller sections of the top around the base of the ponytail attachment and secure with bobby pins.
    9. To finish it off, pull sections of the secured top up to reach the desired height and look.

    High French Twist Faux Hawk by Love Maegan 

    Watch how!

    Mad Men-Inspired Updo by Kathleen

    1. Gather the lower three-quarters of your hair and it pull aside into a ponytail. Using a two-inch barrel curling iron, start by curling the top quarter of your hair. This is a way to hack a curly updo, as we plan to conceal the uncurled portion by pinning these curled pieces over it. To curl each piece so it looks glossy and full, comb it through and spray with hairspray. Loose, glossy barrel curls are okay in this case, as they will straighten when pinned.
    2. Take the hair from the ponytail, plait it into a simple braid, and tie.
    3. If your hair has lots of layers, spray the braid (once a ponytail) with hairspray to keep pieces from falling out. Twist the braid around the base of the ponytail using one or two pins.
    4. Take the top quarter of hair and separate it into three sections (left, center, and right hair). Backtease the center section for additional volume.
    5. Take random pieces and pin these over and around the braid ponytail loosely and artfully.  Use your remaining hairpins here.
    6. The finished, loose fifties/Mad Men-inspired look.

    Messy Fishtails by Brit+Co

    1. Part your hair in two sections and back comb each section with a wide tooth comb to create lots of messy texture and volume.
    2. Beginning at your cheekbones, gently fishtail braid both sections — be careful not to smooth down the texture too much while braiding.
    3. Secure each end with a small elastic.
    4. Gently separate the braid to loosen and even let some stray hairs stick out to get the pretty-messy look.


    And you are party-ready!

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