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  •  8 Fun Ways to Wear Bobby Pins

    Because bobby pins are all you need to change hairstyles. Check out how you can do it from simple to even complicated-looking hairdos. I am pretty sure you have lots of them in your kit together with those mini elastic bands. So, why not make the most use of these versatile pins? You can conceal them or make it the very accessory to complete your look! Here are several ways to make a statement with bobby pins!

    Boho Braid

    For an easy-to-do, yet fashionable hairstyle.

    1. Braid a small section of your hair starting from the hairline.
    2. Pull it backwards and pin right at the center.
    3. Place the bobby pin opposite the direction of the hair to keep it hidden.

    Bun Crown by fp jana 

    1. Gather hair in a low bun.
    2. Position the bobby pins like they are forming a crown at the base.
    3. You can try other color of bobby pins that you think would complement better on your hair.

    Deep Side Part

    Wearing a deep side part transforms you into that cool girl, however one of the most annoying challenges it comes with is keeping it in place. And fidgeting hair from time to time can ruin your look. But the good news is this trick might do: use a bobby pin to hold the side of the hair in place.

    Graphic Bobby Pin Art

    This is just one of them. But you can actually create your own look with different hairstyles and different colored bobby pins. To achieve exact hairstyle:

    1. Get a section of hair from each side.
    2. Style it like you would with a half-up.
    3. Place bobby pins in a triangular form. More color, more fun!

    No-Elastic Ponytail

    Because sometimes hair bands are tasteless.

    1. Gather yourself in a low ponytail.
    2. Take a small portion of hair from the underside.
    3. Wrap it around the ponytail to serve as hair band.
    4. And then lock at the bottom with a bobby pin or two.

    Triple Twisted by Natalia 

    Perfect to keep your bangs from getting in the way of things!

    1. Take three small sections from your crown.
    2. Do the twist and pin to each section.
    3. Secure with bobby pins.

    Tip from Natalia: You can push the bobby pin forward into the twist so that it can’t be seen.

    Vintage Hairdo

    Totally love the boldness of this ‘do! Create a vintage feel to your look by using 3 red bobby pins. You can achieve this in two easy steps.

    1. Gather your hair in a low chignon.
    2. And pin 3 colored bobby pins to one side of your hair (even if you do not need to!)

    And this!

    Because you just have to see this one!

    So, next time you get a hold of bobby pins, do not think of them simply as to keep the stubborn hairs in place. Open your imagination and create unique headpieces with it! Got an idea already?

    Before we go though, we will leave with this photo that might shatter your conventional perspective of bobby pins!

    Apparently, the ribbing is designed to grip more hair and to secure that they would not fall out.

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