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  • How To Volumize Hair

    We are bit by bit figuring out every girl’s hair frustration. Last time we did frizzy hair, now we deal with flat and lifeless hair. It is easy to handle this problem with a new haircut. But let’s face it, you cannot get a haircut every time your hair is falling flat and limp. What you need is s practical guide, a bunch of tips and tricks on how to volumize hair, especially since this dilemma seems to love to show up in the middle of the day, when you are most probably out doing your stuff. At the end...

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  • How to Tame Naturally Frizzy Hair

    Watch this girl makes sense about naturally frizzy hair. “I can officially say I am happy with my hair now and have accepted it. If the hair is curly and wavy and I do like the fact that it’s curly and wavy ‘cos it gives me a variety of different hairstyles I can do with it. But then it comes with a price and that’s the frizzy hair. So, I’ll take that." At the end of the day, no matter what kind of natural hair you have, you will always be face with its good and bad aspects. It’s okay...

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  • 4 Simple Bad Hair Day Fixes

    A bad hair day is not something you just have to deal with. Get rid of the mentality that it normally happens, that every girl has her turn for it. You would never need to rummage your closet again for that cute beanie you’ve been keeping to rescue you in such times. From unruly bangs and flyaway hair to big hair and out-of-control curls, these simple, yet ingenious and expert-approved bad hair day fixes can surely turn your day into a beautiful one! Static/Flyaway This usually happens when you travel. You go out of your house feeling fabulous, but arriving at...

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