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  • 4 Easy Hairstyles to Keep the Christmas Spirit

    You think Christmas is over? Pretty sure you still have that holiday hangover and deep inside you do want it gone. Here are 4 easy Christmas hairstyles, so you can bring the holiday spirit even after the 25th day of December! Ultra Deep Side Sweep by Steph Begin by creating a deep side part. Tuck the hair on the shallow side behind your ear, and sweep it across the back and over your shoulder. Use bobby pins to pin your hair across the back, pinning a few inches behind your ear.  It is helpful to use x-large bobby pins.  Using...

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  • What Hair Accessories to Wear on Christmas Eve?

    First thing that probably comes on your mind is anything red, green or gold. Well, that is somehow right. You can also add in to the list bejeweled and glittery accessories. But the number one concern with wearing a themed accessory is that it tends to make us seem childish. The thing is it really can, especially with Christmas as a motif. Thus, you need to make use of your full adult discretion on this matter. Kidding aside, we have listed some accessories you can definitely try wearing this Christmas Eve without ever worrying to look unfashionable and tasteless. Hair...

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