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  • Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair with Henna

    Coloring your hair is a great way to spruce up your style. However, it is hardly an easy decision to make. If you think you only have to pick the hair color or highlights that you want, you better mull over your decision again. Coloring your hair can be as stressful as picking the right haircut. But we want to avoid that. So, before you color your hair, make sure you have thought about the following. Things to Consider Before Coloring Your Hair Generally, you have at least five things to regard. The hair color you want, your natural or...

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  • Natural Hair Dyes to Try this Fall

    Fall 2014 is all about brunettes and blondes. From cool blonde to dark coffee brown, your eyes would be on feast with these shades this season. However, if the thought of changing your hair color scares you, there is a way to do it gradually. Try dyeing your hair or even adding some highlights to it at home with the use of organic ingredients. This way you can avoid drastic look alteration, but will still give you satisfying result. Why Natural Hair Dyes? This might be the exact question running on your mind right now. Precisely why opt for natural...

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