Beach Hippie

Time it took us: 2 minutes Works on:
· Medium or long hair

Stuff to have handy:
· Restyle Pro flat iron

· Large bobby pins

· Shine spray

· Light-hold hairspray

How to:
Step 1
Lightly touch of hairspray on the underside after you flip your hair over. Another light burst of hairspray after flipping it upright. Use fingers to tousle as it dries.
Step 2
After gathering your bang-hair area, bobby-pin it so it stays out of the way while you style the rest of your hair first.
Step 3
Use the Restyle Pro iron and Curl 1-inch sections (away from your face). Start wrapping your hair around the iron at ear level and below while leaving your ends out of the curling iron.
Step 4
Now it's time to unpin the bang section and use the Restyle Pro iron to curl as you did the rest of your hair.
Step 5
Use your fingers and place them into your hair at the nape of your neck. Shake your hair, but do not run fingers through, to make the curls messy.
Step 6
Finally, pin back a piece of hair on each side and secure them together with a bobby pin and mist with shine spray.