Braidy Lady

Time it took us: 5 minutes

Works on:
· Medium to long hair
· Wavy, curly or straight
· Freshly blow-dried or unwashed hair

Stuff to have handy:
· 1 small clear hair elastic
· 4 small bobby pins
· Texturizing cream
· Light hold hairspray

How to:
Step 1
Use fingers and spread apart your hair from the side or middle.
Step 2
Grab a section that is about 2 fingers wide on each side.
Step 3
Braid both sections loosely towards the back of your head until they meet. At the bottom of each braid ,apply a dab of texturizing cream or pomade so it doesn't unravel easily.
Step 4
Using a clear elastic, secure both braids together at the back.
Step 5
Finally, slide the bobby pins in and under the braid to prevent loose brands from falling out.