Bride-y Waves

Time it took us: 5 minutes

Works on:
· Curly or wavy hair, or straight hair that's been curled with Restyle Pro iron

Stuff to have handy:
· Shine serum
· Light-hold hairspray
· 6-10 small bobby pins
· 2 large bobby pins
· Rat-tail comb or pencil

How to:
Step 1
Use Restyle Pro flat iron to refine your curls. Smooth over hair with shine serum to eliminate frizz if you have curly or wavy hair.

Step 2
Using bobby pins, tease a very small section of hair in the back of your head near the crown and anchor it in place.
Step 3
Spread apart your hair in the center or slightly off center.
Step 4
This hairstyle is created using the "pin and drape" method. To do this, loosely take locks of hair and bobby pin them to the section you previously teased. Use small bobby pins, and hide them as well as you can.
Step 5
Once all of your hair is pinned up, slide a pencil or the tail of a rat-tail comb under the section of hair in front of the pins and pull up slightly on it to add volume.
Step 6
Lightly mist hairspray all over.
Step 7
Attach a bobby pin or small clip to your favorite flower/brooch. It should be placed in your hair somewhere in between the back of your ear and the back of your head. Secure with two large bobby pins.
Step 8 (optional)
Loosen up one or two small pieces in front if you want some free-flowing wispy hairs around your face.