Girl Pomp

Time it took us: 5 minutes

Works on:
· Medium to long hair
· Wavy or straight
· Clean or dirty hair

Stuff to have handy:
· Sectioning comb (rat-tail comb)
· Small bobby pins
· Hairspray

How to:
Step 1
With all hair down, separate out your bang section. The best way to gauge the width of this section is to use your eyebrow arches as a guide.
Step 2
Tease underneath the bang section slightly. (Too much and you'll see evidence -- not a good look.)
Step 3
Smooth out the top layer of that section and pull it back.
Step 4
Twist the section once then secure with 2 large bobby pins.
Step 6
Adjust the bump with your fingers to be sure you're happy with the height and smoothness. Then spritz with hairspray.