Swept Away

Time it took us: 10 minutes

Works on:
· Any hair length
· Wavy or straight hair that is loosely curled
· Unwashed hair

Stuff to have handy:
· Hairspray
· Bobby pins
· Shine spray

How to:
Step 1
Flip hair upside down. Mist hairspray all over the bottom while scrunching strands, and flip head back up. Spray the top while scrunching.
Step 2
Tease the under layer of hair where the up 'do will be secured (middle, back area of your scalp). This will help build volume to which you can secure the 'do.
Step 3
Start slightly twisting and pulling 3-inch sections of hair toward the area you teased. Save your bang section for last, so start just behind that area and work your way down. Balance is important when doing this; whenever you pull a section from one side, take a similar section from the other side. This will prevent your look from being lopsided.
Step 4
Bobby-pin each section to the teased area (see inset photo) -- criss-cross the pins to really anchor hair in place. After each section is placed and pinned, lightly mist hairspray on that section and smooth it out with your fingers.
Step 5
Complete this romantic up 'do by pinning back your bang hair. This way, you can control how much volume, if any, you want in front.
Step 6
Spritz shine spray all over and do one final mist of hairspray.