Wavy Pompadour

Time it took us: 5 minutes

Works on:
· Any length
· Wavy/curly hair or thick, straight hair

Stuff to have handy:
· Bobby pins

How to:
Step 1
Loosely bobby-pin a two-inch bang section back. Secure it closer to your hairline than to the crown of your head to keep this look sophisticated, not preppy.
Step 2
Those with high volume are now looking at a major case of "triangle head." To slim down the hair's silhouette, try this trick with your sides: Gather a small section of hair from just above your ear on each side, leaving some hair loose over your ear (see picture). Twist these sections, rolling them down toward your ear, and secure with a bobby pin. The roll should be pretty tight to the head. Repeat on the other side for the full de-triangulation effect.
Step 3
Mist with shine spray.